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Another fantastic day in the Khutzeymateen!

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Sunday May 15th was our 2nd trip to the Khutzeymateen. Another incredible excursion with 21 passengers. We started our spotting with one of our all time favorite; a beautiful 8 year old female that we call our Blonde friend. She showed up at Mouse creek and looked quite healthy with a slightly darker coat and full winter fur still on. She gave us a good show for a bout 15 minutes and went back in the bush. Nice to see our favorite bears every year and to see how well they survive.
Next was Mama and baby from last Friday; again a great show for over 30 minutes on a the same beach as the last trip. They went for a swim, a little detour in the bush and back on the beach for photo ops and great videos. This female is very dark, almost black and the 15 month old cub is milk chocolate brown.

For a finale, we had this very big boar in full winter fur, sunning himself on Sommerville Island, just out of the Khutz. This bear is easy to identify as his rear is very light colored (we describe him as "Speedo Boy"). This guy was just visiting the island and working on his tan. Not bothered by our presence at all.

Again you can check short videos of our friends on Youtube WILDNORMY'S CHANNEL.

Wow start of our Grizzly bear season!!!!

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Our 2011 Grizzly bear excursion season started with a Wow factor, Friday the 13th was our first cruise ship trip with passengers from the Norwegian Pearl and what a glorious day it was. We spotted two of our newest stars; a good size mama with her 15 months old cub. A perfect setting on a good beach and excellent light for photography. Mama and baby are doing just fine and they performed for our passengers. We observed them on few occasions last year and they were quite at ease with us even then. On our way back we had a fantastic sunset and 66 very happy passengers.
You can check a short video of our furry friends on Youtube: WILDNORMY'S CHANNEL

May Long Weekend!

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Join us this weekend for an adventure to the see the Grizzly Bears of the Khutzeymateen Valley! We have space available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! What a great way to spend the day!

The 2011 Grizzly Bear Season is underway!

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Spring has arrived in the Khutzeymateen Valley! The Grizzly Bears are waiting for the photographers to arrive and take their new 2011 images.

Come one and all!

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A photographers dream!
Join us for a trip to the Khutzeymateen "Valley of the Grizzly".
We've also been lucky to come across a few whales along the way. How exciting!

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